New Camera Flip Option for iPhone 6+, 7 and 7+

We have introduced the new option on the iOS Wakeye App called Camera Flip. You can now utilize the front camera on the iPhone to record your skiing. For iPhone 6+, 7 and 7+ this bypasses the optical stabilization which is only on the back camera which causes unwanted vibration and blurry images. The front camera (selfie camera) will take stunning skiing video without the shakiness experienced on these new iPhones.

Compare your skiing with a Pro

Using Wakeye to record videos of your skiing is the best way to scrutinize what you are doing on the water.How about taking it to another level and compare it frame by frame with your favorite Pro Skier.Using the App Coaches Eye you can take the Pro Skier you want to compare yourself with and analyse every aspect of your skiing with theirs. Scroll along the bottom for frame by frame synchronization . Zoom in to each video, while comparing body position, water breaking on the ski, handle posit...

Wakeye App Update

Wakeye iOS app has just released an update that includes: Auto Mode will now be the Default settingIt will retain the FPS and Zoom settings previously set even when app is completely shut downLow resolution in iPhone 6s bug fixed.

Resolute Anti-Vibration Adaptor

The all new Resolute Anti Vibration adapter has been designed to eliminate high frequency vibrations that effect some of the latest smartphone cameras. Multiple variations of silicon dampening can be utilized to eliminate most shaking that originate from the boats motor and other vibrations. The adaptor will fit onto all Wakeyes and XT-One smartphone Holders.

6S and 240fps with the Wakeye App

Mark Bayer from Reno..."my ski buds and I found the Wakeye paired with the iPhone 6S in 240fps mode to be the absolute best training aid we’ve ever seen or used in 30 plus years of skiing! 
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