Wakeye App for iPhone and iPad

After only one year in the market place where Wakeye has delivered a premium camera mount specifically designed for skiers and wake boarders.

We have now have added a iPhone and iPad app specifically for water skiing.

The Wakeye app has evolved from feedback from our customers - coaches, skiers and boat users.

High quality video does require large amounts of storage space, and then the boat crew forgets to push the record button or worse, records wasted footage of the skier getting ready or sitting at the water at the end of each pass.

We have developed a powerful water ski app designed to automatically capture every moment on the water and nothing else. 

Simply set your speed and your iPhone or iPad will start video recording when your boat reaches the set speed via GPS. When you slow down or stop, it will stop (available in the app store).

Easy access zoom controls let you bring the skier right into the frame

And with a simple to use Playback Mode, you can delete, playback or save into your library for you to edit or share later on, its that simple.

Designed to be used with the Wakeye iPhone and iPad mounts, to create the complete video package for water skiing and wakeboarding.

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