Wakeye Zoom Plus

Wakeye have developed a unique way of capturing the skier at the buoy even when the skier has slack rope.

The new  Zoom Plus adjustable pivot arm can adjust the position of the camera pivot so you keep the skier in the frame with a close up zoom even with slack line that the skier often creates at the buoy line.

The secret is when the skier reaches the buoy line the Wakeye boom slightly moves ahead of the rope while it is slack, meaning you keep the skier in the frame with a close-up zoom..

All new ski XT model Wakeye units come standard with the Zoom Plus

If you have an existing Wakeye Upgrading with a Zoom Plus Unit is as simple as undoing 4 screws, removing your current pivot hub and replacing it with your new Zoom Plus Pivot hub and tighten the 4 screws you removed.