Saturday Swerve Sessions with the Wilson Brothers

Saturday Swerve Sessions presented by Wakeye is a new series The Wilson Bros will be doing every couple weeks throughout the Summer.

"We are going to kick things off with a banger of an episode showcasing K.C.'s slalom at the highest level. Saturday Swerve Sessions will not only feature our skiing but also that of students and friends. While some weeks it may show a normal set, other weeks it will be used as a coaching tool to dissect form and function in the course. One thing however will always remain the same: it will always be filmed from a Wakeye on the pylon. The Wakeye has been a vital training tool for us and it should be for you as well." Brooks and KC Wilson

Saturday Swerve Sessions Presented by Wakeye - Episode 1 from The Wilson Bros. on Vimeo.