Kyle Eade using the Wakeye at Fluid Ski & Sports

We've been doing a bit of skiing and using the Wakeye for students and for some of our pros training here.

My thoughts so far...

- great little system, looks very professional and very well made.

- clamps on to the pole very easily although I have only tried it on our Nautique

- the arm has the perfect stiffness so it dampens the shaking but doesn't resist the rope too much 

- small unit so easy to store when not using

"Just wanted to let you know we've still been playing with the Wakeye when we get a chance.

Got to tell you it's been very handy to have as we often drive and coach and its nice to just be able to slip my phone in if I want to take a better look at something." 

Kyle Eade Coach at Fluid Ski $ Sports Florida USA

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