Resolute Anti-Vibration Adaptor

The all new Resolute Anti Vibration adapter has been designed to eliminate high frequency vibrations that effect some of the latest smartphone cameras. Multiple variations of silicon dampening can be utilized to eliminate most shaking that originate from the boats motor and other vibrations. The adaptor will fit onto all Wakeyes and XT-One smartphone Holders.

Wakeye App for iPhone and iPad

After only one year in the market place where Wakeye has delivered a premium camera mount specifically designed for skiers and wake boarders. We have now have added a iPhone and iPad app specifically for water skiing. The Wakeye app has evolved from feedback from our customers - coaches, skiers and boat users. High quality video does require large amounts of storage space, and then the boat crew forgets to push the record button or worse, records wasted footage of the skier getting ready or s...

Lake Ratapiko NZ

Lake Ratapiko in NZ is being emptied of water for 3 weeks, so here is some images from the lake — in Taranaki, New Zealand. Wakeye Lake Ratapiko NZ from Wakeye on Vimeo.  
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Andy Mapple using Wakeye at their "Mapple Performance Centers"

Andy Mapple... "We are enjoying our Wakeye and putting it to great use at the "Mapple Performance Center"  

Brooks Wilson and Wakeye XTC

Brooks Wilson Gearing up with Radar Vapor and Wakeye XTC