Compare Your Skiing With Your Favorite Pro Skier

Its never been easier to compare your skiing with one of the Pros and using Wakeye  to record videos of yourself skiing is the best way to scrutinize what you are, and/or aren't doing on the water.

You can now take it to the next level and compare your skiing frame by frame with your favorite Pro Skier.

Using the Wakeye App and  Coaches Eye App, you can take the Pro Skier you want to compare yourself with and analyse every aspect of your skiing with theirs. Scroll along the bottom for frame by frame synchronization . Zoom in to each video, while comparing body position, water breaking on the ski, handle position etc.

We have uploaded a number of different pro skiers at different line lengths and speeds so you can download them directly to Coaches eye by copy and pasting the URL below:

To download videos into your smartphones Coaches Eye.

  1. Copy the youtube URL from above of the video you want to download
  2. Open the app Coaches Eye
  3. Tap on import
  4. Select Youtube
  5. Paste the URL
  6. Then select your video and the pros video - and compare.