Here are some useful tips for using the Wakeye System


We recommend the Wakeye app to automatically start recording and stopping video



Your Wakeye System comes with Pylon Clamp Inner Pads - 6mm, 3mm and 1mm neoprene pads with 3M double sided tape. Choose the size pads (mix and match sizes to suit), remove the backing of the tape and stick to the inside of the Wakeye Boom clamps (not the ski pole). This means you can take your Wakeye and use it with other boats.


Ensure that your iPhone is fully charged before using it, so that you can record all of your skiing.


Mount the clamp onto the ski pylon so there is a gap between the top of the pole and the Wakeye Boom clamp so that changing line lengths is done easily.



When using your GoPro camera with the Wakeye System and you want a close-up view try using the FOV 1080 30P Narrow setting (note: quality of video is reduced).