Wakeye Cylon Support

Helpful Tips: •

  1. Ensure the red tracking ball is on the right place on the rope. Holding the ball in front of the sensor lense - you can move the ball backwards and forwards to find where the red LED at the front of the sensor glows the brightest. This is where the best place for the sensor to track the ball is. 

  2. The sensor is tracking the color red of the ball. If there is any red colour close to the rope (motor cover)where the ball is it might get confused

  3. Avoid facing the sensor lense directly into sunlight 

  4. When you first turn it on it does a white brightness test. If you first set it in the dark or shade then go in the sunlight it also wont track well. Try turning the red power button off then on again which will reset the auto white brightness. 

  5. Be sure you have a strong 12v supply to the device.