Wakeye App is a powerful water ski app for IOS iPhone - iPad and Android devices designed to automatically capture every moment on the water. 
Simply set your speed and your device will start video recording when your boat reaches the set speed.
When you slow down or stop, it will stop recording.
Designed to be used with the Wakeye mounts, to create the complete video package for water skiing and wakeboarding (Wakeye App in iTunes) (Wakeye App in Playstore).


Wakeye’s goal is to ensure you capture only the skiing or wakeboarding you need or want. Using GPS speed it will know when to start recording and when to stop. You won’t have to worry about someone else pushing the record button anymore.

Easy zoom controls let you bring the skier right into the frame.

With a simple to use playback mode, you can delete, run or save into your library for you to edit or share later on.

- Automatically starts recording at a minimum set speed
- Stops recording 3KPH below the set speed
- Choose between KPH or MPH
- Never miss a pass or run because you didn’t push the record button
- No more wasted footage
- Use the zoom + and – buttons for a close up view
- View video in landscape or portrait orientation
- Use scrollbar tool for quick image navigation through your video playback
- Delete unwanted runs inside Wakeye
- Save to your video library then edit, share, save or delete
- Save drive space
- Save battery power
- Autofocus and Auto-exposure Lock
- Frames per second option for 5S iPhone and above
- Option of stabilization on or off



Kyle Eade - SkiFluid:

"Thanks for the link to the Wakeye app. I bought it and tried it out ...really cool and saves trying to start and stop when I'm driving which can be tough. I will definitely be using the app "