Wakeye Dash Mount XTD

$36.00 USD

We paired our best-selling Wakeye iPhone, iPad Mini and Galaxy holders with a super stylish boat dash mount-the all new Wakeye XTD.

The Wakeye XTD Dash Mount features a smooth motion hub that can swivel your iPhone 360°. While your Wakeye holder has the standard tilting ability front and back.

Carefully crafted CNC components securely hold your iPhone to your boats dash with 3M High bonding technology. This strong bond adheres best to a smooth clean flat surface like the gel coated fibreglass of your dash in a position of your choice.

When a call or message comes through you can easily see it on your dash so you will never miss anything important again while you are out on the water.

Add your Wakeye iPhone, iPad Mini and Galaxy holders shown below to the Wakeye Dash Mount XTD.

We've got you covered with the top quality you've come to expect and trust from Wakeye.