Wakeye Shock-Tube xt-OneST

$360.00 USD

The Wakeye xt-OneST gives you a better way to video your skiing with any Smartphone and Shock Tube*.

It comes with the all new Zoom Plus camera adjustment to zoom in to the skier at the buoy even with a slack line.
You'll find it quick and easy to set-up on your boat. Simply mount to ski pole- connect the shock tube.

The Wakeye xt-OneST weighs a remarkable 550grams. The sturdy carbon fibre body and boom means it is incredibly strong yet very portable so you can take it to any lake and fit any boat with the adjustable pylon clamp. When not in use un-clip the boom, remove the camera holder, and store it in your glove box.

We recommend using the Masterline 2' Shock Tube

Works with:

iPhone 6       iPhone 5    iPhone 4

iPhone 5S    iPhone 4S

Galaxy 3       Note 3
Galaxy 4       Note 4

All other Smartphones

(we recommend using the new "Camera Flip" option on the Wakeye app for the iPhone 6+, 7 and 7+)


Now add either a 7" or 10" tablet kit to be able to use any tablet with your XT-One Holder. (you can switch between the tablet and smartphone holder as you choose) 

*(Helps reduce rope “recoil” and provide some deflection in the case of an overloaded rope being snapped back into the boat)