Wakeye XTZ Zoom Plus Upgrade

$75.00 USD

The all new Zoom Plus Upgrade Unit allows your existing Wakeye unit to become a Zoom Plus Wakeye.

It will keep the skier in the frame even while zoomed in at the buoy even with a slack line .

(Note: all new Wakeye XT units come with the XTZ Zoom plus as standard).

Adjusting the centre of the camera to be forward of the Ski Pylon pivot allows the camera to follow the skier with a closer zoom at the buoy even with a slack line.

The easy quick release cam means you can try multiple adjustments on the go for the camera to suit your zoom capabilities and skiers slack line ability.

You no longer have to zoom out becasue the skeir dissapers from the frame at the bouy because of slack in the line.