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The All New Wakeye

Wakeye is a new video tracking device that enables you to easily use your smart-phone, GoPro, or Handycam to capture ...

Performance and Design

With state-of-the-art composite aerospace and CNC Machined industrial grade materials the all new Wakeye is only 500 grams and yet fits in your boats glove-box. Its completely portable with a quick release boom, detachable iphone holder you can take it to any lake and attach to any ski boat so you never miss a set.

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6S and 240fps with the Wakeye App

Mark Bayer from Reno..."my ski buds and I found the Wakeye paired with the iPhone 6S in 240fps mode to be the absolute best training aid we’ve ever seen or used in 30 plus years of skiing! 

Terry Winter - "still love your product....

"Still love your product. Most of the time it’s just my wife and I skiing together so it definitely helps to have the Wakeye so I can see what’s going on with my skiing."

Adam Sedlmajer (World Overal Champion) on his Wakeye

"Just wanted to thank you again and also wanted to tell you that the craftsmanship on the Wakeye is unbelievable. I love products where everything fits together perfectly and where everything is well thought out. We should have more products like that in our industry. "