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The All New Wakeye

Wakeye is a new video tracking device that enables you to easily use your smart-phone, GoPro, or Handycam to capture ...

Performance and Design

With state-of-the-art composite aerospace and CNC Machined industrial grade materials the all new Wakeye is only 500 grams and yet fits in your boats glove-box. Its completely portable with a quick release boom, detachable iphone holder you can take it to any lake and attach to any ski boat so you never miss a set.

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New Features for IOS Wakeye APP

We have added some new options for the IOS APP which Include: The ability to turn stabilization on or off. iPhone 6  now has the option of choosing 60fps, 120fps or 240fps. With some customers experiencing a "wavy" picture with the latest iPhones, the Wakeye app has now given the user the ...

NEW - Rope Quick Release

Wakeye's new "Rope Quick Release" makes it even easier for when you change rope lengths. Flip the quick release down to remove rope, Change line length, Then simply push the rope release up and it clicks into place.

Article from the Leisure Boating Magazine, - South Africa’s biggest selling powerboat magazine

Travis Fisher from South Africa writes a small article in  the Leisure Boating Magazine, - South Africa’s biggest selling powerboat magazine.